Posted by: alinesoules | November 16, 2011

Internet Blacklist, Nov. 16, 2011

I just emailed Congress about the Internet Blacklist Legislation, known as the PROTECT-IP Act in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House. If it passes, our executive branch would have the right to close down websites that allegedly host – or even link to – content that infringes on intellectual property rights. Whole domain names could disappear (have you tried to reach wikileaks?). The Internet Blacklist Legislation puts more sites than ever at risk, effectively upending the DMCA safe harbors that have been crucial to the growth of Internet innovation and creativity.

The problem is that the bills won’t really stop online infringement, but they will put at risk our ability to speak and read online with the kind of freedom we cherish in the offline world. Hollywood lobbyists want to control movies and other content in ways that go too far.

We need to stop this bill now. Please join me by contacting your representatives in Congress and urging them to oppose the Internet Blacklist Legislation? Visit: for an easy way to do this.

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