Posted by: alinesoules | February 29, 2012

The Value of Prompts

For those of you inspired to write, but lacking inspiration for the moment, there’s always the “prompt.”  Regardless of its source, a good prompt–word, phrase, idea–will get you moving again.  Here are some online sources for writing prompts:

Creative Writing Prompts:  Your first view will be a table of numbers.  Mouse over any one of them and a prompt will pop up.  If that prompt doesn’t inspire you, there are nearly 350 of them.  One of them ought to hit your creative “button”!

Writers Digest Creative Writing Prompts: You can search for prompts in the search box—love, hate, everything in between.

Prompt Generator: You can “generate” prompts with the next, previous, or random prompt buttons.  Some of the prompts are aimed at a junior crowd, but some are age-independent.

Daily Writing Prompts:  According to The Teacher’s Corner, they ” have selected an event from our monthly event calendars to be the focus of the writing prompt.”  Scroll down and select prompts by month.  Also aimed at school-aged young people.

There are a number of other sites, primarily aimed at the teacher-student audience; however, if none of these sites floats your boat, pick a book of your shelf, open it at a random page, and start reading.  Find a phrase or word that “sticks” and you should have something to write about.


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