Posted by: alinesoules | May 24, 2012

Limerick and libraries

My time in Limerick is about to come to a close.  I’ve been at a library conference which will end on Saturday.  It’s been wonderful to have an opportunity to present a paper and hear what other librarians are doing around the globe.  Next week will be my time.  I’m spending a couple of days in each of three places—Birr, Killarney, and Waterford—and I plan to walk and write and enjoy some space before I return to California and the busy-ness of life.  Ideas for poems have been percolating in my head.  Next week will be my time to get them down on paper.

I keep thinking about the last time I was in Ireland.  I was seven years old and it was 1955.  I have a couple of vivid memories from that time and they are in complete contrast to what I see around me now.  I’m also aware of the Eurozone crisis in which Ireland is involved.  Their own country’s debt challenges will be put to vote soon—austerity vs. growth is the motto at the moment.  I wish it didn’t have to be this way—either/or.  There’s a sense that these are in opposition to one another when I keep thinking that it might be possible to engage in both.  Challenging times.

Meanwhile, the days are turning hot and sunny, amazingly.  I hope it lasts another week.

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