Posted by: alinesoules | June 14, 2012

Getting Back in Gear

Have you ever noticed that after a time away from work, you seem to have more catchup to do than the amount of time you’ve been gone?  After my trip to Ireland, I had quite a bit of catchup to do, but I’m finally coming up for air.

I’ve also started thinking about summer.  Here we are, well into June already, and the heat is on us.  It’s glorious.  My wall of jasmine is abloom and my roses are flourishing.  I can never decide if I prefer the elegance of the white flowers of jasmine or the riot of yellow or pink or red of my roses.  Luckily, I can enjoy both.

The green of Ireland already seems a long way away. My digital camera didn’t work when I got to Ireland (long, boring story).  I bought some disposables and am waiting for my photos from the shop.  I was less interested in standard holiday shots (although I took some) and more interested in photos of small things–flowers in particular.  For some reason, I keep taking pictures of flowers.  We’ll see how they all turn out.

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