Posted by: alinesoules | August 31, 2012

A True “labor” day

I’ve often wondered why we have a holiday on “labor” day.   It seems so contradictory.  If we are “working stiffs,” we see the day as an opportunity to sleep in, laze over a late breakfast, give or attend a party/barbecue, then come home with reluctance that we can’t sleep in the next day because we have to get up and go back to work.

It is also the end of the summer, no matter what the equinox says, and the time that stretched so delightfully before us in May is now rushing to its close at breakneck pace.  Another example of the elasticity of time.

This year, I will join the  ranks of the party-goers on Monday, Sept. 3.  As I have much to prepare for the coming school term and am behind in my famous “to do” list, I shall labor on Sat. and Sun. in order to un-labor on Monday!

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