Posted by: alinesoules | October 13, 2012


It’s time to reflect, as fall creeps in, about crossroads.  I periodically reach a set and wonder which direction to take.  Work is good, but too all-consuming at the moment. I’m house hunting, too. Despite having a nice condo, I’m out in suburbia and would rather be closer to the bay and its cultural opportunities.  I think I’m just tired of driving back and forth. I usually get restless in spring, but this year, it’s hit me in fall.  Who can explain it?  The weather is lovely (no snow, as in Sault Ste. Marie earlier this month–brrr!), my condo is pleasant, my work is fulfilling–yet I’m restless.  I feel selfish, as so many others are far less well off than I, but I can’t still that restless feeling. Just have to wait and see what happens.


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