Posted by: alinesoules | December 1, 2012

Singing Soon

It’s singing time!  It’s been six weeks since my last post because I’ve been so busy at work, but now it’s time to balance it out with singing.  I enjoy belonging to two radically different choirs–a small one of approx. 16-20 people and a large one of 180-200.  It offers the opportunity to sing different music.  I sing with Bella Musica on Dec. 9—Mozart’s Vespers (Confessore), Josquin des Prez, Brahms, and a modern piece by Ann Callaway.  I sing with Berkeley Community Chorus and Orchestra on Dec. 15 and 16—Mozart’s Mass in C Minor.  Dec. 24, I join in singing carols at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church (Walnut Creek), a church I’ve never visited before.  Such fun!


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