Posted by: alinesoules | December 16, 2012

Mozart and mass death

Yesterday, with Berkeley Community Chorus and Orchestra, I sang Mozart’s Mass in C Minor, and will do so again today.  We dedicated this series of concerts to our long time choral director, Arlene Sagan, who died this past summer, but all I could think of were the children in Newtown, Connecticut and Chenpeng, China who have been gunned and knifed and know too much of the dark side of the world already.

Private ownership of firearms is banned in China; children there lost fingers and ears, a gruesome tale, but they lived.  Even in light of the deaths of 20 children in the U.S., the pleas for gun control in this country are not spurring our Congressional leaders to discuss policy.  Their focus may be the fiscal cliff, but the precipice we face every day in view of mass gun ownership in this country is an abyss into which 20 of our children just plummeted.  Gun control–now–is the only answer.  End the stronghold of the NRA.  People may kill people, as the NRA continually says, but they do it with guns.

All I can do is go on singing.


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