Posted by: alinesoules | December 20, 2012

Meditation on Woman Redux

An opportunity came up recently to explain how my book, Meditation on Woman, came into being.  My piece was just published in American Athenaeum review ( and it gave me the opportunity to think about how my life led to my book.  I came to understand that I’ve prepared all my life to write this book, not just since I began the actual writing process.  It is my hymn to woman and has become more important to me lately as the news reports stories of how women continue to struggle for their basic rights.  Our sisters in Afghanistan seek to be safe and receive a basic education; our sisters in India protest against rape and strive for protective legislation; our sisters world-wide face enormous challenges.  We have a long way to go to achieve equity.  May my book contribute in some small way to promoting woman as a complete and full human being.


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