Posted by: alinesoules | October 13, 2013


The busyness of life has a nasty way of taking over and I have been swamped with all sorts of things that weren’t in my plan.  There’s an old saying:  “Man proposes; God disposes,” but I suspect it should say something like “One person proposes; a whole bunch of others come along and dispose of the proposal.”  It doesn’t have the same “ring” to it as the original saying, but it makes a whole lot more sense to me.

geraniums_in_my_garden_201305Even in California, where the sun almost always shines and my geraniums are still blooming, the leaves are turning translucent and the crazy fall term of school is overwhelming.  No matter how much I pledge that “this term will be different,” I haven’t been able to make it stick.

Today, I took some time out of my 24/7 work life to go out in the garden, pack up my patio furniture and sweep, motivated by the rain that’s supposed to come by next weekend (so much easier to pack up when it’s dry).  As I was sweeping, my mind was whirling with the leaves, trying to remember all the things I “should” be doing, “need” to get done, and would like to have behind me.

When I was done, I remembered how I used to love sweeping up leaves, weeding the garden (yes, I am abnormal), and generally puttering about outside.  Somehow, that’s left me this year in all the busyness of life.  Next weekend, I’ll prune my roses back to the stump and see if I can start again with another plan next year.  Ah, optimism!


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