Posted by: alinesoules | November 3, 2013

Clouds, Sun, and Leaves

If I were still living in Michigan, I suspect life would be in the process of “graying.”  Living near the Great Lakes adds new meaning to the sound “gray” in “Great” Lakes.  Days of gray clouds can go by.  I recall one particular November with 25 straight days of gray clouds and unrelieved gloom.

sky_over_Prague_skyline_2013_june_22While clouds are often beautiful, as in this photo I took over the Prague skyline one evening, they can be too much of a good thing.  The sun, I suppose, can also be too much of a good thing if you have endless days of unrelenting cloudlessness, but here in California, I’ve found the sun to be an almost daily pleasure, particularly at this time of the year.  Where I live, we actually have an autumn season and the sun shining through thinning leaves, especially as they fall from trees, is a gift.

Leaves, particularly those from deciduous trees, are endlessly fascinating.  The leaves in this photograph, which I took in the oak_tree_mixed_color_leaves_aquadrome_2_2013Aquadrome when visiting my friends Christine and Nigel in Rickmansworth, England, are from an oak tree that, for some reason, has few green leaves.  The tree sprouts leaves that are the palest of pale green, almost white, and I don’t know if that’s their natural state, the result of disease, or the result of some nutrient they get or don’t get from the soil.  Regardless, they are unique and truly beautiful.vancityallie_leaves_photo_vancouver

VancityAllie, a Flickr member since 2008, took this photo on October 24, 2005 in Vancouver.  You can find it on Flickr at

One of the great things about seasonal cycles is that if you miss something this year, it will roll around next year and give you another opportunity to see or photograph these small miracles of nature once again.


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