Posted by: alinesoules | February 18, 2014

Process and Results and Writing

What’s more important to you?  Process or Results?  This question comes up at my workplace regularly, both in spoken and unspoken ways.  Some think process is key to results and others think that all that matters are the results themselves, regardless of how you arrive at them.

ice_spiral_samuel_john_110109“Writing is a process” is a phrase I’ve heard often, but, in the end, results are what get published (sometimes).  Process is also unique to each writer.  Even the blank page can be a page of paper or a screen, these days.  Writers develop habits that they re-visit, whether it’s writing in a particular place or following a particular routine.  In time, the familiar may spur great writing or it may become a rut that needs change.

In the end, each project spawns its own process and its own results.  The key is to find joy in both.  While I want to be published, it would be far worse if I’d spent hours on something that never gets published and came to realize that I didn’t enjoy the process either.  I also don’t think a reader responds to a work created that way.

Somewhere, there must be joy—the joy of creation, the joy of writing, the joy of process—not just results or having written to see your name in print.  That’s only the self.  The gift is in the sharing of the joy you experienced in the creation.

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