Posted by: alinesoules | July 30, 2014

Carol Smallwood

In the last few years, I have “met” the most amazing people without ever laying eyes on them.  Fabulous people; generous people; supportive people.  It’s such a gift.carol_smallwood_140730  Carol Smallwood is one example.  She is a prolific and wonderful writer and gets so much done that I feel completely overwhelmed at her productivity.  She publishes poetry, books on library and other issues, and has contacts everywhere.  I wonder if she ever sleeps.  She has given me so many gifts—reviews, blurbs, interviews, connections.  I can’t thank her enough.  I try to reciprocate, but I receive more than I give at this point in my life.  Perhaps after I retire, I can catch up.  She interviewed me for a Canadian e-zine called Ascent Aspirations Magazine in the latest of her many gifts to me, but she has also secured me other blog interviews, directed me to places for my poetry submissions, and published my essays in some of her books.  Thank you, Carol.



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