Posted by: alinesoules | August 29, 2014

Writing Time

many_clocks_workawesome_retr_140828As we approach Labor Day (when we stop doing labor!), I look forward to a three day weekend of personal work—my own writing.  Sometimes, long weekends are filled with family gatherings, but sometimes, little is planned, such as during Labor Day weekend.  It’s the last big breath before fall starts in earnest.  I use that time to set up a writing routine for the weekend.

This year, ironically, I will actually work at my formal librarian job, spending part of Monday on our reference desk, but I have Saturday and Sunday and am taking a few days off next week as well. Starting tomorrow, my routine will include writing at least four hours a day, first thing in the morning.  If I’m “on a roll,” I keep going.  If not, I go for a walk to let the rhythm of walking re-energize my idea juices and I write more when I return.  I never set a specific goal.  I let the end result be whatever it is.

In essence, I stop the clock and let the natural rhythm of life take over.  I wake when I wake, eat when I’m hungry, walk when I feel like it, and generally accomplish more in those days than I do in a “planned” week of work.  When it’s time to pick up daily life again, I enjoy a sense of satisfaction that stays with me for days and make progress on my latest writing project as well.

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