Posted by: alinesoules | September 13, 2014

Writing in Fall

do_not_disturbWriting in fall always sounds so good.  I picture myself in a cosy sweater with a cup of tea in my “Go away, I’m writing” mug, my computer, and my ideas, and getting down to it.  Reality is another matter.  First, I live in California Bay Area now and the hottest months tend to be Sept. and Oct., even into Nov. some years.  The last two days here have been “spare the air” days.  So much for the cosy sweater.  Second, there’s my computer.  One died and I’m setting up a new one.  It seemed simple until I had to make it talk to my printer/scanner.  Third, my ideas scatter at the start of a new university year.  I’m used to preparing for classes and dealing with escalating frenzy, I’m even used to the idea that “open enrollment” for benefits is held as school opens, but, this year, I have the added chaos of being one of thousands of employees informed of a security breach (which actually occurred last year, no less), requiring hours of attention and effort.  No matter how hard I try to introduce a note of sanity at this time year, something comes along to take it away.  All I can do is set aside 15 minutes a day to write, even if the end result is not what I’d really like.  Sometime in mid- to late-October, life will settle down again and something meaningful will emerge.

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