Posted by: alinesoules | September 27, 2014

Fall begins

fall_leaves_140925Fall began in earnest last week or should I say “for real.”  Somehow, it seems like fall when kids return to school, which is usually around Labor Day, but the official moment of September 22 at 10:29 P.M. EDT (7:29 p.m., if you’re out here on the Pacific Coast) passes without a murmur.   As I sit here on Saturday afternoon, a high school football game is in full swing on the field next my house.  What could be more “fall” than that?  I listen to a student sing the national anthem and the announcer call out the plays (they have a P.A. system for the field). Since my husband died, I pay no attention to football or any other American team sport, but the high school brings some of this to me as I sit here and write.  Here, in the fall, as the year begins to die, our students begin to live again.  They shout for their teams on the football field, crowd our local Starbucks before and after school, and fill our lives with their youth.  I also hope they learn a little something in their classrooms, but that seems to be an “extra” when it comes to the U.S. school systems. Meanwhile, I continue to write my novel and promote my latest poetry chapbook on widowhood (Evening Sun: A Widow’s Journey), while listening to their young voices and intemperate enthusiasm.  So wonderful. Photo credit:  Sandra Belyea


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