Posted by: alinesoules | May 4, 2015

How to be a “Successful” Poet from a former UK Poet Laureate

bbc-blocks-dark  I recently came across a BBC article that shares Sir Andrew Motion’s “Top Ten Tips for being a Successful Poet” (11 October, 2014).  While this article came out a while ago, what I most like about the article is Motion’s assumption that success relates to the quality of the poem, not to one’s “success” at being noticed, making money (hardly likely with poetry), or anything else that isn’t directly related to being a better writer and, specifically, a better poet.  I’m sure the headline is a teaser to draw readers, but it could just as easily have been called “Top Ten Tips for being a Better Poet.”  The focus is on the work—so refreshing.  Motion was the UK Poet Laureate from 1999-2009 and it’s easy to see why.  He is dedicated to his art.  Take a moment, click on the link, and be inspired.


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