Posted by: alinesoules | August 24, 2015

Last week of the 30/30 project

The month has flown by and we are now in the last week of the 30/30 project and I miss it already.  I have no idea where it’s all leading, but I find the camaraderie and the deadline and the pressure exhilarating.  This is such a fascinating project.  I know I won’t keep it up when the month is done because I’ve let other things slide to make space for it, but I hope I can at least keep some of that momentum going.

For those who missed earlier blog posts about this project, check it out at the link (30/30 project).  We now have an extensive list of incredibly varied poem/poem starts that you can read.  If you’d also like to donate, click the “donate” button on the page and sponsor one of us.  Doesn’t matter who.

Happy reading.


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