Posted by: alinesoules | September 14, 2015

Two weeks into withdrawal

Having finished the 30/30 project officially on Aug. 30, I’ve had two weeks to decompress from the intense “one a day” poem effort.  That said, as part of my determination to engage in more generative work than I have in the last few years, I am re-focusing my writing time to spend more of it on generative work and reducing my revision/editing time.  As I still work full-time, I know I have to parcel out my time carefully and I use my smart phone not only to make the usual appointment/meeting entries, but also to book appointments with myself to do tasks, including time to write.  Now, rather than blocking out “writing time,” I’m blocking out “generative writing” time and “revision/editing” time.  I’ve only been making this distinction for two weeks and it’s challenging to write generatively “on demand,” but so far, so good.

Of course, I’m very interested in working on the raw material I created in August as part of the 30/30 project and I’ve gone through that work (working title: Perception of Time) to discover that it splits into sections:  memories, science, historical events.  The interesting part is how it’s all going to come together or whether I’ll discover that the threads need to be separate.  Who knows?  That’s the fun of it.  We’ll see.  Eventually, I’ll start sending out this work for potential publication and see what acceptances and rejections I get.


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