Posted by: alinesoules | December 22, 2015

Coming Up for Air

Just as everything else goes crazy at the holidays, so does writing and everything connected to it—or so I’ve found.  I’ve always been determined to write every day or, at least, six days out of seven.  Preparation for the holidays usually means I write less, but I still chug out something every day, good or bad.  I’ve also noticed that deadlines come in spurts and December 31 is one of them.  I hope to get ahead of “submit by” dates, but, often, I fail.  One of my annual New Year’s resolutions is submit earlier.  I expect I’ll resolve to do that again in 2016 and only succeed one or two times.

new_year_aheadThe other aspect of today’s writing is marketing, which consumes—or should I say, subsumes—me.  Dickens never had to do this.  Why do I?  Pointless question, but it nags at me.  I am a very poor self-promoter, but I need to spend more time on that, too.

As the hustle of Christmas and bustle of New Year loom large, I hope all my online readers have a wonderful season, but still manage to keep writing.  After all, fellow NaNoWriMo writers, we managed to write 50,000 words in a month.  We can make it through the holidays.

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