Posted by: alinesoules | October 25, 2016

Writing Resources

Recently, I was asked if I could provide some resources for poetry and for writing generally.  Rather than create a document to share, I thought I’d return to my blog and begin a thread for writing resources, with reason(s) for selecting them, and also create a separate page where I could compile them.

A few months ago, a friend, Cathie, gave me a book that I quickly came to treasure:  Verlyn Klinkenborg’s Several Short Sentences About Writing, a book that offers multiple treasures.  The insights are amazing and apply to any type of writing.  While you can read the book from front to back, I doubt you can absorb it that way.  The book is divided into small sections that you can “dip” into or work your way through systematically.  Whether Klinkenborg discusses the job of the writer (“making sentences”) or “noticing” or “reading out loud” or “flow,” he touches on the heart of the pleasure and challenge of writing.  I try to read a one-two page section every day and I know that, at the end of the book, I will simply close the back cover and re-open the front cover to begin again.

What’s your favorite book about writing?


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