Posted by: alinesoules | July 26, 2017

Traveling and Keeping Up with Writing

I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Ireland and England.  I didn’t manage to get to Scotland (land of my birth), but maybe next time.  Our group of teachers and librarians focused on literature—children’s literature in particular—although we managed to take in other literary spots along the way.  The group, known as Nye Travelers, not only “does the sights,” but talks to children’s authors and illustrators about their work.  So fabulous.

[Photo:  I took this in the Lake District, England]

We visited so many wonderful places and were “going” from morning to night.  Many of us shared rooms, meaning very little or no time alone during the day.  At night, we fell in our beds, exhausted in a good way.  It was an amazing journey.

Summer may be the time for rejuvenation and new experiences, but, as a writer, I need to “keep going” with that, too.  My solution was to take a pile of needed edits with me.  As the day began or ended, I found a few minutes alone to work on an edit or two when there was no way I’d find a block of time to write.  It was a great way to keep my work front and center, even as I filled my head with new thoughts, experiences, and sights.  I came home with my work still active in my head and was able to go back to my usual writing routine with hardly a hitch.  In fact, coming back meant coming west, with jet lag making me wake at 3 am for several days.  I simply got up and wrote earlier than usual—a bonus.


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