Posted by: alinesoules | January 9, 2018

New Year and Writing Resolutions

Here we are again, just over a week after the start of a new year, and deciding whether or not to make resolutions.  For me, that means writing resolutions.  I suspect that a primary writing resolution (if you make one) is to spend more time writing, which means giving writing higher priority.  Sometimes this is possible; sometimes not.  Work, family, other needs claim attention.

As someone who’s worked her whole life, I also know that while work claims time, the structure of work offers help.  If you know you have only half an hour to write, you write.  If you have all day, drifting is definitely possible.

This year, I plan to end my formal job in mid-August.  I want to write more, not sandwich writing between other demands.  Can I do that effectively?  Just as I love reading, but can’t read 24/7, I love writing, but can’t write 24/7.  I also need to get out in the world for stimulation and renewal of ideas.

But I also need structure and my resolution this year is to set that structure to make sure that my desire to write is matched by my actual practice.


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